Why Use a Buyer's Agent?

Many buyers think they can walk into an open house and have the first agent they see write up the deal. While that is true, it's not the smartest plan of action.

A buyer's agent helps buyers by protecting their interest and financial confidentiality. A listing agent's first priority is not to the buyer but to the seller. If you have that same agent represent you on the buyer's side, where do you think their interest really lies?

Using a buyer's agent costs nothing!

Most buyers don't realize that using a buyer's agent costs them nothing. A Buyer's Agent gets paid from the split commission a seller pays when a home is sold. It doesn't matter which home a buyer chooses, the agent will get a percentage of the commission from that sale, not from you. You may still think then that the agent has a hidden agenda, but really their only agenda is to find you the right house.

As your buyer's agent, I can help save you money also. I negotiate on your terms and for your price. The seller or listing agent doesn't need to know everything about your financial situation and I am skilled at handling negotiations to suit my buyers.

Having the protection of a buyer's agent when you tour homes can also prevent other agents from hassling you or making you feel pressured into buying a certain house. Stating up front that you are already working with an agent allows you freedom to view  home at your own pace and time. Listing agent and other buyer's agent should not try and sell you on their service once you have stated you have a buyer's agent.

If you are interested in letting me help you find, negotiate and purchase your next Alamogordo home, please contact me below. I would love to help find your dream home and save you money doing it.

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