Seller Tips

Selling Tips for Alamogordo Real Estate

Selling in this market can be a stressful thought. Many home owners are holding off on selling due to market drops, time on the market and low numbers of buyers. But it's not as bad as it seems. Now is still a great time to sell. There are plenty of buyers out there and homes are being sold. The key is how to stage, market and sell them that buyers will take notice of and other sellers.

As your agent it is my duty to provide you with a current market analysis of your home and area. This will tell you what your home may be worth in your neighborhood and how to increase the sale.

I would love to help you in the process by walking through the home and property and offering suggestions and tips from neutral eyes. It's hard to see flaws that the buyers will see when you have lived in a home a while. Some things we become blind to and it's hard to know where to start.

As a seller you will want to do the basics that come with listing your home.
 - Clean every nook and cranny better than ever before.
 - Trim lawns, mow grass, plants appropriate shrubs and flowers that compliment the house.
 - Declutter everything in the house and this goes for closets and pantries as well.
 - Wash windows and clean window tracks, light fixtures, fans and walls.
 - Re- paint with neutral colors if need be inside and out or at least touch up outside trim and the front door.
 - Keep walkways clear inside and out.
 - Make each room set up as it was originally intended.
 - Keep decor and colors neutral yet warm and inviting.
 - Keep odors away by keeping items and rooms clean, non-offensive scents such as vanilla, cinnamon, or clean scents in candles, furnace filters and sprays.
 - Keep out pets when showing and all evidence of them.

These are just some basics but each home is different and may pose different challenges. With a walk through analysis I can better equip you and me both for staging and marketing your particular Alamogordo home.

Please contact me anytime with tips and information for staging or if you would like a free CMA on your home or with any other Alamogordo real estate questions.