Buyer Tips

Buyers Tips for Alamogordo Homes

   Buying a property whether it's your first or you are an old pro at it still can be stbuying Alamogordo homesressful. The legal jargon and contracts alone are sometimes overwhelming and confusing. For first time buyers it's exciting and unknown as to what is coming next or if everything was done correctly but by taking some steps no matter how many homes you have previously purchased, you can be ahead of the game and feel more confident in your purchase.

1. Know what you want
This might seem easy enough but many real estate buyers just start looking hoping the right home will jump out at them. But you need to take the time and find what you are looking for to suit your needs. Families might want to look for outdoor space,  retiree's may want less outdoor and smaller inside to take care of. Whatever your needs, make a list and be specific. You can always subtract and add to later if a home meets most of the necessities.

2. Get pre-approved
Before looking at homes talk to your lender or bank and get a firm idea of how much your budget can allow as a mortgage payment. This will give you a better idea of a price range you can afford and you won't be disappointed if something is way out of your range because it just won't come up in the searches.

3. Get a buyers agent
Of course most agencies are going to recommend this but there really is no reason not to have one. Having an agent represent you only through out the process is a smart financial move. Buyer's agents only get paid from the seller of whatevAlamogordo home buyerser home you choose. They don't have a hidden agenda to sell you a certain home like listings agents would. They look out for your best interest and help you negotiate your terms for sometimes thousands less than  if you had used a listing agent, or had gone it alone.

4. Know your finances
Before launching yourself into homeownership, which is a great place to be, make sure it is a wise financial decision for you at this time. If you need help determining if now is the right time, give me a call. I would be happy to run over the numbers, your credit score and your needs and come up with a plan of action to buy now, or hold off for whatever reason.

I am here to work for my clients and help them achieve their goals in homeownership. Please let me guide you through this process and come out on the other side more secured in your financial future.

Give me a call today or send me an email on how I can help you more.